Field Guide

In 2016, Jeroen Speybroeck, me, Bobby Bok and Jan Van Der Voort wrote a field guide to the amphibians and reptiles of Europe, beautifully illustrated by Ilian Velikov and published by Bloomsbury. Humbled by the overwhelmingly positive responses, we hope that that our book will be of use for people during the decades to come.


“… this new, well-written, superbly illustrated book sets the new standard. It is a book for all naturalists, both dedicated and casual, so buy it and take it to Europe alongside your bird, butterfly, and wildflower guides”

Howard Inns, British Wildlife Magazine.

“The result is a book that is eminently enjoyable to flick through, yet provides arguably the best modern account of Europe’s most hidden, most ancient and most spectacular land-living vertebrates.”

Jules Howard, BBC Wildlife Magazine.

“This is a must get for anyone that is traveling to Europe and interested in herps.”

FGR Team,


As of May 2017, our guide is also available in Spanish (through Omega), Dutch (ANWB), and French (Delachaux Et Niestlé);