Chiapas 2019

Ever since visiting Guatemala in 2017 we wanted to go back to Mesoamerica – both because of the amazing herp … More

Crete 2019

What was supposed to be a long-awaited family trip to Crete turned into a holiday for just the two of … More

Southwestern Turkey 2018

Jeroen Speybroeck and me did a five-day trip to southwestern Turkey during the final days of 2018, hoping to see … More

Guatemala 2017

From 17/08 to 03/09 I visited Guatemala, together with Bobby & Laura Bok, and Joachim Nerz. We of course wanted … More

Israel 2017

Early spring 2017 brought us to Israel. Although we found out the hard way that looking for reptiles at night … More

Piedmont 2016

A short trip with a large group of friends to look for Vipera walser and Zootoca vivipara carniolica in Piedmont, … More