Crete 2019

What was supposed to be a long-awaited family trip to Crete turned into a holiday for just the two of us due to unforeseen circumstances. While the initial plan was to stay in Chania for the week, we decided to take the tent, do some wild camping, and explore the lesser-visited areas of the island. Main herping goals were the three endemic species (Pelophylax cretensis, Podarcis cretensis and the recently split Mediodactylus bartoni), while making some photos of Crete’s long-isolated Natrix tesselata and finding Zamenis situla were high on the list as well. With minimum search effort, all herps apart from Telescopus fallax were found – although finding the locally restricted M. bartoni was somewhat tricky, even while having access to detailed occurrence data. We were especially amazed by Crete’s beautiful, dramatic interior – there is so much to see on this island beyond the main tourist areas! The great food and friendly people made this into another unforgettable experience.