Guatemala 2017

From 17/08 to 03/09 I visited Guatemala, together with Bobby & Laura Bok, and Joachim Nerz. We of course wanted to see most of the iconic herp species living in Central America (Hyalinobatrachium, Triprion, Rhinophrynus, Coleonyx, Corytophanes, Bothriechis… to name a few), but were particularly interested in finding salamanders. Guatemala hosts dozens of plethodontids, included in no less than eight genera – the country is a salamander lovers’ paradise! Although we failed to find our nr. 1 target, the mysterious Nyctanolis, despite (very) intensive searches, we did manage to turn up some other rarities. In the end, we saw about 105 herp species during the course of two and a half weeks, which is not bad at all. We couldn’t have achieved this without the logistic support of Manuel Acevedo, who guided us throughout the trip. I’ll be back!

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