Israel 2017

Early spring 2017 brought us to Israel. Although we found out the hard way that looking for reptiles at night in the desert during this relatively chilly period (March) can be fairly useless, we found so much more. Going to the Levant in the first months of the year means that observing amphibians, but also several specialities such as Chalcides guentheri is relatively easy. Lizards, ranging from tiny skinks to desert Uromastyx were omnipresent throughout the day. Also, we twice saw a pack of Arabian wolves, and loads of other mammals which were very active during twilight. Apart from Jerusalem, Israel didn’t impress us culture-wise though, which is perhaps not so strange – the country is young, and not much remains of the inhabitants which were present in the centuries before its foundation. If you’re looking for cute villages and souvenirs, better stay in Mediterranean Europe! The nature, from the green hills of the Golan in the north all the way down the Negev desert and the coral reefs of the Red Sea is nevertheless gorgeous – and a good reason to return in the future.