I’m an FWO-funded PhD fellow at Ghent University, Belgium, and aspiring nature photographer. I try to combine scientific research with creating awareness about the world around us – either through divulgation or photography.

My general research interest revolves around gaining practical understanding on how wildlife populations or communities respond to environmental change, and how the environment drives or constrains these responses. The climate is changing, habitats are becoming fragmented, and the number of invasive species is ever-increasing – finding out how organisms cope with these threats, and if they are even able to do so, is critical for developing mitigation and conservation strategies. I combine experimental work, ecological modeling and bioinformatics to this aim, while field work remains the basis of most of my research activities. Currently, I focus on invasion ecology of Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans in Western Europe. I’m a herpetologist at heart, and therefore often focus on amphibians, and especially salamanders, as study organisms.

In my free time, I enjoy nature (especially herping!), reading, cooking, and graphic art – preferably while travelling.


Wildlife Health Ghent, Department of Pathology, Bacteriology and Poultry Disases, Ghent University
Salisburylaan 133/VRB
9820 Merelbeke, Belgium

E-mail: wouter.beukema[at]ugent.be